Economic development is booming in Oakland, California! But for many local youth, steep barriers still exist to securing good jobs in the Bay Area’s competitive workforce. Mamacitas Cafe’s mission is to create fair wage jobs specifically for young women of color, ages 18-24, and to expand economic and leadership opportunities for youth in transition from the child welfare and juvenile justice system.

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Q: Where is your cafe?
A: We plan to open our new cafe within the year! Stay in touch through Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to receive updates!

Q: Are you hiring?
A: We will begin expanding our team once we move into our new cafe! Please sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch.

Q: Do you travel throughout the Bay Area?
A: Yes! We cater Donut Kebab parties. Call us at 510-910-5711 to book or find more information here. Our price includes travel to Oakland and Berkeley. We have a sliding scale that will be included in your party’s cost for parties outside of this are. Please contact us to get your individual quote.

Q: Can I request more than 3 flavors for my party?
A: Yes! All our donuts, glazes and fillings are made by hand so we add a flat rate of $50 per additional flavor (over 3) to make sure we all win!

Q: Can you stay at our party for more than 2 hours?
A: We’d love to! Please contact us directly so we make sure you get your needs met!

Q: I don’t need a full service donut party, but I want some Donut Kebab!! Can you deliver?
A: For now, we are only offering Donut Kebab as part of our full service parties as this is the absolute best way to enjoy them- fresh! However, please stay tuned as we reboot the rest of our systems to get you more Donut Kebab!

Q: Can you accommodate groups larger than 100?
A: Absolutely! Our parties include 100 orders of Donut Kebab skewers, with two donut holes per stick. We are happy to add more orders at $100 per 20 skewers. Groups of 200 or more should request an individual quote.